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“Amazing work with the pinhole camera!”

“Next to the Planet Pachyderm series... this is my favorite (so far). This looks like it would be a fantastic post card. It would sell bazillions my friend.”

“Gorgeous composition and great tones captured with the black and white film!”

“I absolutely love this - actually I could just go through most of your pieces and say the same thing. Perfect composition and well processed - so many people would mess this up by ruining the processing - it is heavy, real, complex and beautiful beyond words”.

“Wow, and so uniquely created! Fabulous results artistic!”

“This really reminds me of a wonderful vintage album cover from some years ago...I'm thinking it may have been a Pink Floyd recording---stellar imagery”

“Fantastic image such a good composition, the historical aspect communicated brilliantly with the subtle processing.”

“This abandoned industrial equipment makes a fabulous piece of fine art black and white photography!”

“Superb rich colours on this beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid. Lovely DoF and background”

“Wow Rudy this is truly remarkable work! I've never worked with a pinhole before, but I would imagine it is tricky to do! LF”

“Lovely photo! Love the challenge, and simplicity of the equipment, of pinhole photography.”

“This is a very sacred image for me - I wish I could steal it and turn it into a painting..... Beautiful capturing of the petal colors. Sometimes it's very difficult to capture a flower that is whole and undamaged - to get two into such a wonderful composition is truly inspiring, delicate sublime and delightful. Amazing piece.”

“This takes me back to when I was a very small child, dreaming about being a racecar driver just like this one. What a wonderful work of art. I love it!”

“wow, spectacular image. You can feel the speed!”

“An absolutely stunning automotive abstract, Rudy. Those tires are so bold, bright, and colorful”

“Looks like a prehistoric scene - so wildly beautiful!”

“Beyond breathtaking”

“A stunning panorama! Excellently executed. Love the composition”

“Rudy, this is an amazing image! Long exposure, great lighting and several focus points to keep your eye wandering. Well done!”

“Nice contrast, tones and lighting. Three essential things for a great B&W image.”

“Rudy this is a flat out”

“Spirited and engaging capture; there's so much to see and love. Spectacular work, Rudy !”

“A beautifully balanced composition, breathtaking colors and of course wonderful subject matter - You have such a vast range of artistic options and therefore a broad scale of work to choose from, thank you for sharing your work. Oh and amazing amazing technical skill!”

A small collection of comments we were lucky enough to receive about our images over the years, These are from a variety of sources. (Names and detailed info known with me) Back contact us